Fast And Smart PTE. LTD. uses a world-class Warehouse Management System (WMS) which can be tailored to suit specific customer requirements whilst simultaneously allowing for Singapore flexibility in terms of warehousing locations.

Fast And Smart PTE. LTD. warehousing and distribution services suit all of your unique shipping situations, integrating seamlessly into our other customized offerings. Critical warehousing features paired with value-added services and assemblies, allows Fast And Smart PTE. LTD. to go above and beyond your necessities.

  • We run and manage all operations with an industry proven Warehouse Management System (WMS) with a whole host of capabilities including EDI and web access.
  • Terrific staff of highly trained warehouse personnel overseen by seasoned management.
  • Wide range of products handled including plastics, medical supplies, electronics, automotive, food products, consumer goods, steel sheets, steel coils, lumber, paper rolls, metal ingots, as well as rebar and other material.
  • Pick and pack operation.
  • Shrink wrapping and stenciling.
  • Bulk transfer and packaging.
  • Rework and inspection.


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